Upcoming Dates

See below the upcoming dates for 2019!

Sunday 17th March ----- UKCA Manchester Run Through

Saturday 23rd March ----- UKCA Manchester

Sunday 24th March ----- UKCA Manchester

Friday 5th – Sunday 7th April ----- LA Easter comp – Macmillan School

Monday 8th April – Sunday 21st April ----- Easter Holidays

Sunday 14th April ----- Pumas Cheer on Klondike and perform (9am)

Thursday 18th April ----- Mock exams for age 7+ Ballet and Modern

Monday 22nd April ----- Classes start back

Saturday 11th May ----- ABD EXAMS

Sunday 12th May ----- ABD EXAMS

Saturday 14th September ----- Beer and Food Festival performance

Sunday 15th September ----- Beer and Food Festival performance

Friday 25th October ----- Cheer group to perform at Charity Event at the Majestic Theatre, Darlington

Watch this space for more details!


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