Season 2019/2020


All Age Dance teams 3.30pm-5.30pm £5

Cheer and Stunt 6pm-8pm £6


It’s that exciting time of the year where we put together next years teams. This year we became European Champions for the second year running, this year was in Germany and the team had a fantastic time!

Its very important we know which teams children would like to tryout for, please don’t sign up for a team if you cannot commit to it. We like dance teams to have even numbers for formations and an equal mix of tricks, for cheerleading teams the girls are given a specific role such as base, flyer etc. Iv spoken to most of the children yesterday and they have told me the teams they would like to try out for, let me know if this needs changing. Tryouts are for all ages and all weekly members even if not taken part in competitions before. We encourage everyone to come give it a go, even if a bit unsure. Please message Tara on Facebook or text if you need anymore details.

We would LOVE to have a masters Pom Dance team to compete at UKCA choreographed with a theme by Tara and Chloe, no tryouts needed!

Pom Dance

Fast paced dance using lots of arm motions and cheer jumps, creative pom effects, ripples and team work to create interesting routines. (Senior Pom and Senior Lyrical will be taught in the same class). We are the current European Champions for Pom Dance.

Perform at UKCA (2 comps)

Possibility of European Bid 2020

Cheer Dance

Dance using poms, requires skills such as pirouettes, spins, kicks, splits, leaps and cheer jumps.

(Senior Cheer Dance and Senior Jazz will be taught in the same class) This year we took home the silver Medal at Europeans.

Perform at UKCA (2 comps)

Possibility of European Bid 2020

Hip Hop

Perform at 2 BCA competitions. Hip Hop choreography from Courtney


Technical dance including dance elements and tricks.

Perform at 2 BCA competitions.


Cheerleading teams are a mix of stunts, pyramids, jumps, tumbles and cheer arm motion dance. Tryouts for this class will include looking at tumble ability and how well the children fit into a team position in a stunt group. We hope to have a level 1 team along with a level 2-3 team.

Compete at 2 BCA competitions NOT UKCA

Stunt Group

Stunt groups are small groups of just 5 members who work together performing cheer stunts. Compete at 2 BCA competitions NOT UKCA


These routines will be put together over the summer, I will make a faebook group for these routines.

SUMMER - Dance World Cup Song and Dance troupe (26thJune)

This troupe will audition for Dance World Cup 2019 in Rome. They will also enter Britians Got Talent. The number will be mainly singing but will also have dance. Age group will be under 13.

SUMMER - Dance World Cup (26th June)

This troupe will audition for Dance World Cup 2010 in Rome and Britians Got Talent . Age group 6-18. This routine will be used for any local events and talent competitions. Costumes will be ones children have or bought second hand.

SUMMER - Dance World Cup (26th June)

Smiler Pom Dance (with added Stunts)

This troupe will audition for Dance World Cup 2019 in Rome.

SUMMER – Dance world cup duos/trios in song and dance and acro.

SUMMER - Girl Band will make their music video and start to enter talent competitions

This year we wont be doing a big Show in a theatre but there will be opportunities for mini showcases to show what the children have been doing in classes, performed in the Gym.

We will try to reuse some show costumes this year.

Summer Timetable will be out soon!

AWARDS party, our PUMA PROM will be held on Saturday 7thSeptember at the Church. Everyone attending will be awarded a trophy to congratulate them for their years work, special trophies are also handed out with children chosen from each weekly class for things like hard work, extra special achievements and dedication. Everyone is invited, more details to follow.

Parents come try out a Boogie Bounce class, its a fab calorie burner, its fun and its something a bit different



Winter Championships (Manchester)

7thand 8thDecember


National Championships (Manchester) Bids handed out for Europeans

Last year this was end of March





All star nationals in Telford on 4thand 5thApril OR Super Classic Newcastle 23rdand 24thMay

Timetable in September will change. We hope to keep non competitive classes on Mondays and Fridays with competition children being in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Thank you

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